A Vacation Within a Vacation: Tobago

Tobago-03Tobago is where Trinidadians go on vacation when they need a break from the hustle and bustle of their own gorgeous Caribbean island.  So, our Trini friend Danielle, the Midwestern Gentleman, and I followed suit by heading to the “sister island” for a couple of days of vacation from our vacation in Trinidad.  Actually, our beach-time on Tobago was a relaxing break from the frenetic excitement in Trinidad leading up to Carnival, as you can see…

Tobago-04The glass-bottomed boat “Miss Jo” carried us out to the Buccoo Coral Reef and the Nylon Pool for a swim.


Tobago-01The view of Tobago from aboard the “Miss Jo” was a Caribbean fantasy come true.

Tobago-05This photogenic pier at Pigeon Point Beach appears in many advertizements.

Tobago-07Arguably Tobago’s most signature dish, crab and dumplin’ (from Miss Jean’s food shop at Store Bay) proved to be a rich, coconut-based green curry with a flavor that haunts me still.  I couldn’t eat the gluten-containing dumplings, so I ordered mine with coocoo, a deliciously rich polenta cooked with coconut milk and okra.

Tobago-02Dead coral from Buccoo Reef breaks off and washes ashore on the beaches.  Happily, Danielle reported that the reef appeared much healthier than the last time she had visited.  As a conservation measure, visitors are no longer allowed to walk on the reef, although you can still snorkel above it.

Tobago-06After a long day of boating and eating, we swam and walked at Pigeon Point as sunset approached — a perfectly relaxing vacation-within-a-vacation.

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