April is Sjögren’s Syndrome Awareness Month


Visit the Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation website to learn more and get involved.  Sjögren’s Syndrome is one of over 100 recognized autoimmune diseases which affect over 20 million Americans, and are a leading cause of disability. Medical researchers are starting to recognize how closely related these illnesses are, and trying to identify common underlying causes to design better treatments. While diagnoses have reached near epidemic proportions, the majority of patients are the “invisible demographic” of middle-aged women, so little funding has gone into researching these diseases.  While some autoimmune cases are mild, others can be severely debilitating. Younger and younger women are being diagnosed with these diseases, and men can be affected by them as well, although their cases are rarer.  Please help spread awareness and support funding for research, so we can figure out how to treat and, hopefully, prevent these painful and debilitating diseases.



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