YankeeAndGentThe title of this blog asks two questions:

What if you were an athletic foodie, and you suddenly found out you had an incurable illness that would impact both your eating habits and your physical activity?

What is an Inflammation-Free diet, and can it help manage the chronic pain and fatigue of autoimmune diseases?

Early in 2012, after nearly two years of frequent, near-debilitating illness, I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome, an autoimmune form of arthritis.  You can read more about my diagnosis and ensuing quest to heal myself with diet and exercise here.  To keep myself healthy and pain-free, I now follow a gluten-free and (mostly) dairy-free diet with little to no refined flours and processed foods, and very limited added sugars (less than 20g per day).

What IF Gourmet chronicles my post-diagnosis adventures developing delicious and nutritious recipes to fit my anti-inflammatory diet, practicing yoga and running to keep my body strong and mobile, and traveling with my ultramarathoner, educator husband, the Midwestern Gentleman.  Thanks for visiting!

CONTACT: yankeepants [at] gmail [dot] com


Posts about my journey towards an inflammation-free lifestyle:

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