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Packing Lunch To Go: A Few of My Favorite Things

Since fully committing to an anti-inflammatory way of eating two years ago, I pack my lunch to take to work almost every day.  As part of my goal of inflammation-free living, I like to pack my food in glass mason … Continue reading

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Cabin Fever & Garden Dreams

The calendar says spring, but Mother Nature has not been cooperating.  Last weekend, the promising glimpses of crocus and daffodil tips were once again hidden by a dusting of relentlessly white snow.  I’m so tired of the gray-and-white view from … Continue reading

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You Are What You Eat… And Also What You Breathe Into Your Lungs & Absorb Through Your Skin

One of the scariest aspects of having an autoimmune disease is the increased likelihood of developing more as time goes on.  Not only is developing additional autoimmune diseases likely, but, for example, Sjogren’s Syndrome patients are also 50 times more … Continue reading

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Slowcooker Chickpeas: Kiss BPA-lined Cans Goodbye

Aw, dang — I’ve become one of those people.  You know those crazypants health nuts who cook with weird ingredients like cold-pressed virgin coconut oil and unrefined agave nectar?  The ones who refuse to buy canned beans because of the … Continue reading

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